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Välkommen till mitt digitala kartarkiv!

Hej! I am a swiss orienteer running for Järla Orientering and OLV Baselland.

Mila by Night #1 (19/11/2018)
Pazartesi 19 Kasim 2018
OK Södertörn
in the leading group until control until control 12. Had to catch them up twice. To 13 only me and the other junior had the same f...
Novembertävlingarna medel (11/11/2018)
Started very good but maybe a bit too risky. Not very concerned about doing a mistake to control six but very concerned about how ...
with Simon but without the watch (02/11/2018)
riktigt fin terräng!
Natt Teknik (01/11/2018)
Berzell: "these are the days you feel so useless"
Natt-KM (23/10/2018)
Sali 23 Ekim 2018
Järla Orientering
Längpass (21/10/2018)
Pazar 21 Ekim 2018
Paradiset, Järla Orientering
12,4 km
Medeldistans (19/10/2018)
Cuma 19 Ekim 2018
Day, no controls.
Järla Nattträning (18/10/2018)
Persembe 18 Ekim 2018
Kvarnsjön, Järla Orientering, Sverige
11-21 intensiv with 3x Masstart. The rest extensiv together.
Kurvbildträning (17/10/2018)
Çarsamba 17 Ekim 2018
First training of my stay in Nacka :) Definitly a lot of space to improve but anyway great fun running on my new "home map". Cont...